Our endeavors are yielding small dividends so far.  We are furthering and advancing our media projects and recently obtained valuable consultation on developing a non-profit media center to support original people's media and film.  We are organizing this at the present time, look here for updates.~~ Melinda Gopher

Loud Thunder International Board Chair Melinda Gopher has organized an effort to teach screenwriting to Native people in the Great Falls area.  The workshop is open to the Little Shell and original descendants of the Rocky Boy's Band of Chippewa Indians.  These historically under-served groups have both resided in the Great Falls area for over a century, do not enjoy the benefits of federal recognition, and receive no federal funding.

Drawings will be held among participants for Final Draft software that is used to develop film, screen and television projects.  Melinda Gopher is nearing completion of her first full length 120 minute screenplay.  The course will be broken down as evening classes over the course of two months, beginning in the first week in April, and the first week in May.  To inquire about the courses, write to, and submit a brief email of interest.

Applicants will be notified about time, location and other details by mid-March.  These workshops are sponsored by Final Draft, Inc.,, with materials and instruction donated by Loud Thunder International.

DATES:  Thursday April 7, 2011 6-8 p.m. and, Thursday May 5, 2011 6-8 p.m.  First People's Buffalo Jump Visitor Center Classroom