Further development on the 5 acre cultural site north of Great Falls continues.  Loud Thunder International is creating this site to serve the needs of the Great Falls urban Indian community, focusing on preservation of Ojibwe culture.  There has been a need to build a multi-purpose center for many years.  The 5 acre site was secured by the late Robert Gopher to serve this purpose. 

When completed the site will in use to meet the cultural needs of the Ojibwe and urban Indian community.  There is a lack of culturally appropriate space for fasting rituals, wakes, feasts, sweat lodge purification rites and other cultural activities.  The area is already in use for sweat lodges.

This page will be updated regularly to highlight the progress and demonstrate the need for the state's largest urban Indian population. A donor function will be up in a matter of days.  The site will be instrumental as a cultural learning year round.

Help make this unique cultural site possible:

In-kind materials are also accepted! Thank you!